Past Projects

Supply of Surgical masks

April, 2020 | Procurement

Supply of Surgical Masks

April, 2020 | Procurement

Supply of Medical Equipment

April, 2020 | Procurement

Supply of Sanitisers

March, 2020 | Procurement

Supply of Covid-19 Medical Consumable

March, 2020 | Procurement

Procurement of Pressure Safety Valves

March, 2020 | Procurement

Provision of Meals for Patrol Team

May, 2020 | Facilitations and Logistics

Supply of Marine Cables and Accessories

2019 | Procurement

Provision of Support Services for Ogoni Restoration Project

March, 2019 | Man Power

Procurement of Motorized Valves for Unit

February, 2019 | Procurement

Provision of Shoreline Clean Up Assessment Techniques (SCAT) Services in Bodo Creek

February, 2019 | Procurement

Consultancy Services on ICT (Provision & Installation of E-Store Solution)

November, 2018 | E-Store Installation

Training on Leading with Emotional Intelligence

August, 2018 | Training

Supply of Geophones (SCAG - Strings - 25m Spacing) 480000167

August, 2017 | Procurement

Supply of Geophones (SCAG - Strings - 15m Spacing) 480000168

August, 2017 | Procurement

Supply of Office Portakabins W/C, Electric & Lightings

April, 2017 | Site Mobilisation

Training on Becoming an Inspirational Leader

March, 2017 | Training

Training on OGFZA Staff on Oracle ERP Planning for FZ Management

March, 2017 | ERP Training

EPC of OIly Water Treatment Plant, Ozeingbe, Benin

February, 2017 | EPC

Supply of Diesel

January, 2016 | Petroleum Product Supply
Project Gallery

NPDC: Inspection of the EPCI Oily Water Treatment Facility at Oziengbe Flow Station.

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